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airsoft Shooting practice

Develop controllers for new camera types

Netwave IP camera controller

The sample code project of the software development kit contains a controller for netwave IP cameras that will allow you to use one of these cameras with the E-Sniper application. The camera is controlled by means of cgi commands, using the http protocol.

Must take into account when you use any model of camera, that the lens type and the image quality are very important so that you can use it with the program. By example, the surveillance cameras usually have a fisheye lens, which distorts the image and causes that the coordinates of the shots are not correctly calculated. Although E-Sniper uses ever a resolution of 640x480 pixels, which any camera can provide, it is very important that the camera offers capabilities enough to vary the contrast and brightness controls, because they are critical to adjust the image quality in order to maximize the program performance in processing the image to detect the impact of the shots.

camera adjustment card

The program offers the possibility to print a sheet with which you will can callibrate the camera parameters in order to obtain the better performance, without need to shoot at no point. In this way, you can quickly check if a determinated camera model is valid to use with E-Sniper, and with which colors you can obtain the best performance.

Useful resources for development

With the following link you can download a document with the cgi script for Netwave cameras:
- Download information about Netwave cameras

On this site you will found the source code and documentation on open source Touchless libraries
used by E-Sniper to access the USB webcam:
- Touchless SDK in CodePlex