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Extending E-Sniper with modules developed by the user

Software Developement Kit components

The E-Sniper application contains a class library that allows add extensions developed by the users themselves to add new funcionalities to the program. These new features can consist on new target models, camera controllers and even complete forms with total access to the shooting database.

The E-Sniper Software Development Kit consists in the documentation with the reference of this class library and sample code for each of these new funcionalities. It is a complete project for Visual Studio 2012 with which you can generate the SDK.Demo.AddOn.dll add on, which you can also find in the downloads section of this website. In it you will find a controller for netwave IP cameras, a new target model and a form that shows a distribution map of the shots with the parameters that has selected the user.

data model of the application e-sniper

E-Sniper data model

In the documentation you will find the complete reference of the E-Sniper data model so you can develop your own extensions and perform custom processing of data.

Also, in the E-Sniper.AddOns.dll library, the SDK kernel, distributed along with the E-Sniper application, there are some classes that you can use to simplify the data management, perform complex filtering of them, automatically generate SQL queries according to user selection and controls to create a consistent user interface with the rest of the application.

All the add-ons can be installed and deinstall in E-Sniper by means of the application menu options. The new forms, camera controllers and target models added by the extension modules will be shown in the menus, drop down list of cameras and target list automatically each time the application is started.

Download the E-Sniper SDK

You can download the E-Sniper software development kit documentation using the following link:
- Download english documentation

Also is available the Visual Studio 2012 project with the code samples:
- Download sample code project

All the code is commented in english and spanish, for you can easily follow it.