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airsoft Shooting practice

Focus the webcam on target

Locate target position

webcam position

For the program to determine the position of the shots on target, should be performed before firing on each one of them the operation of framing. This procedure consists in marking with the mouse four points on the sheet that the program will indicate (or allow the application to detect them automatically). Thus the center position and size of the target is calculated, and the position of the target in space. With the operation of frame we can also check before firing that the position of the target is correctly, the image is large enough and the light is right.

Sheets with one target

framing single target another sample of target frame frame operation with one target

The sheets with a single target have four points printed in the corners, whose center you must mark with the mouse. The program then will calculate the position of the center of the target and the sheet scale to precisely locate the shots on it.

A cross is drawn over the center so you can check if it is correct or if you must repeat the operation to correct the position.

Sheets with multiple targets

multiple target sheet framing another sample with multiple targets frame operation with various targets

The sheets with various targets have, at least, two horizontal and two vertical. In this case the centers of the four targets at the corners must be marked.

Also in this case the program will draw a cross over the centers of the rest of the targets to check that their positions are correct. Small deviations from the center of a target not will notice too much on the results, so you need not be too precise.

Camera adjustment card

There is the option to print a card with which you can adjust the brightness and contrast settings of the camera without making any shot. This saves time when tuning the system and set up the camera.

Simply use the card like a normal target. On the card there are some dots plotted that the program should detect as if they were shots, indicating the percentage of detected points. You will have to change the contrast and brightness settings to obtain a value close to 100%.

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