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airsoft Shooting practice

Follow the program indications to shoot

Audio indications

E-Sniper has audio voiceovers in Castilian and English to indicate what shooter must shoot (if you set the round in multiple shooters mode), the number of the current target (on sheets with multiple targets) and the scores obtained, or an indication that the shot has been detected on targets that do not have ratings. Also tell you when we must shoot and when it has finished the round.

There is an option to upload new custom sound files with the names of the shooters, and the predetermined voiceovers can be easily replaced using the menu options provided by the E-Sniper application.

Visual indications

In the case of not having speakers, there are visual cues in the shooting gallery module to indicate you of the moment from which we can make a shot and when you cannot do, and the number of the target on which you must aim, in the case of sheets with multiple targets.

If you are doing a round with multiple shooters, also indicate what shooter must shoot with a rectangle of the color assigned to it.

As the detected shots are marked over the target image, you can view the position of the impacts in real time, the score is also shown for a few moments by drawing a rectangle with an arrow that points to the center of the shot.

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