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airsoft Shooting practice

E-Sniper demo version

Free demo version

E-Sniper demo version

Before purchasing the full version of the product, is recommended to download the test version, with which we can check if the program works perfectly on your computer.

The test version of E-Sniper performs a series of checks and will indicate the problems encountered so you can fix it. Among other things, check whether the database connection will work correctly, that you can register the product without problems or failures that may occur during the installation.

Shooting with the demo version

target with sots in E-Sniper demo version

All the functionality of the image recognition system of the shots on target is identical in the demo version of E-Sniper to full version.
The difference between the two versions is that the demo version does not use a database to store the shots and their characteristics, nor create charts or reviewing shots.

The user interface is the same in both versions. In this way you ensure that your system and your webcam is compatible with the program and the result meets your expectations.

Demo version target

e-sniper free version target model

The E-Sniper demo version provides a configurable target consisting of a single sheet with a numbered target. You can change the color and size of the bullseye and the radius of the target.

You just have to print the desired number of copies and position the target so as to be visible to the webcam and occupy the area of ​​the image as much as possible.
The program will indicate when you can shoot. We also indicate the score with each shot if you have speakers.

E-Sniper free version Download free version E-Sniper Targets Download E-Sniper Targets For Free download E-Sniper full version Download full version E-Sniper web server Download web server

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E-Sniper in YouTube

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