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airsoft Shooting practice

Airsoft and compressed air shooting practice

Real target shooting

You just have to place the webcam pointing at the target, in any position which allows to see it fully, and mark the four points indicated, then the system will identify the exact point of impact. No matter where we place the camera over the target nor is it very important the image sharpness.

We can use any webcam that has VGA resolution (640 x 480) and a speed of 10 fps or higher. E-Sniper determine the point of impact and the shot will be stored in the database. The program will give us directions via audio locutions or visual signals.

Target photo processing

New module of the program that allows to process photographies of the shooting session subsequently to it. You do not need to carry the computer and webcam outdoors to store the results in E-Sniper, with a trípod and a photo or video camera you can photograph the targets and process them when you return home, and store the results in the database, as in shooting gallery sessions. The images are processed quickly and the sensitivity control as been improved to increase the detection capacity of the shots.

Also you can correct the automatically detected shot position, indicate shots not detected by the program or delete incorrect shots.

Shooting database

target and shots database

All shots are stored in a database which is available to query at any time. You can define filters to see shots with certain characteristics, in a particular range of dates or any specific target model.

For each shot, data as distance to target center, group size or score are stored in the database.

You also get all the shooting parameters, like gun model, shooter name, ammo type, ambient temperature, wind speed, trigger weight and so on.

Shooting statistics and graphics

page with graphics and shooting statistics

The program allows you to create documents with statistical graphs in various formats, based on the data stored in the database. The graphics are fully customizable in size, colors, measure units, and can be constructed based on any characteristics of the shots.

The graphic documents can be stored in files, printed, and even get images in bmp, jpeg or png formats to include in other documents. The graphics of these documents can be automatically updated when you make changes to the database.

Fifteen printable target models

here are some examples of target models to print

You have fifteen different models of targets for print, some with regulatory measures for different shooting categories, and others fully customizable. The color of the targets bullseye can be modified and there are options to print pages with multiple targets.

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