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airsoft Shooting practice
  1. Can I use any webcam model with E-Sniper?
  2. Can be used the IP surveillance cameras with the program?
  3. An error occurs when opening the shooting gallery

Can I use any webcam model with E-Sniper?

e-sniper camera adjustment card

E-Sniper works with a resolution of 640x480 pixels, which is currently available on all webcam models in the market, however, the quality of the camera can influence fairly on the program performance. The high-end cameras, that support higher resolutions, generally give a better image quality and provide more versatile controls for the zoom and camera settings such as brightness and contrast. Also capture images faster and are less prone to failure.

The zoom control allows greater flexibility to place the camera against the target, allowing to reduce the distortion produced by the perspective if you have to place the camera very close to the target.

The brightness and contrast controls are also essential to achieve good performance in detecting shots. E-Sniper provides a simple mechanism for adjusting these controls using a card that can be printed from the target module, so it is not necessary to make any shots before getting the optimum configuration.

Some low end cameras can not provide good capture rate or appropriate image quality. It is recommended to first try the free version of the program before purchasing the license for the full version.


Can be used the IP surveillance cameras with the program?

E-Sniper only provides support for USB webcams. However, it is possible to install extensions with drivers to use any other type of camera. In the download section you can find one of these extensions that accompanies as an example the software development kit and provides a driver for Netwave IP cameras.

The problem with surveillance cameras is that usually comes equipped with a fisheye lens, which distorts the image and produces that the shots are not correctly positioned relative to the center of the target.
In the software development kit you can find code samples and documentation to create your own camera controller, You can find more about this in the SDK section of this website.


An error occurs when opening the shooting gallery

error message when opening the shooting gallery

In some Windows versions, an error occurs when open the free version or the shooting gallery in the full version, like this one in the image.

To fix this issue, you can download a program update, valid for both versions, following this link.

In the free version, you must unzip the file in the folder where the program is installed, overwriting the old files. In the full version you can do the same or unzip in another folder and use the menu option AddOns/Update E-Sniper, selecting the folder where you have unzipped the files.