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airsoft Shooting practice

Web Server multi-stand of E-Sniper

Web server description

The web server of E-Sniper is a free application that complements the full version of the program and allows you to mount an infrastructure with multiple cameras that can simultaneously access multiple shooters, each from a different device.
To use it you must have a computer with Windows 7 or Windows 8 with IIS web server enabled, which comes with the operating system of either of these versions of Windows, you need not install any additional software.
You must have the full version of the program to generate and print the targets and the database, which must be uploaded to the server from the device used to shoot (mobile, tablet, PC, Mac). The shooting data generated can be then downloaded back to the primary database system.

Use mobile devices to shoot with E-Sniper

You can use any device to shoot with the E-Sniper web server, provided you have a web browser. Just print the targets and generate the portable database with the full version of the program, pass this database to the device and upload it to the server.
Use of the program is similar to the Windows version of E-Sniper and the shooting data will be stored in the databse uploaded to the server as you shoot over target. At the end of the session, you can download back the database to the mobile device and from there to the computer where you have the main database of the program, by importing it with the corresponding options.
If you have a fixed installation for the server, you need not carry more than the mobile device and access the application via the WiFi network from any point where there is coverage. There are WiFi USB devices that allow outdoor installation using a laptop as a server.

Server Installation and implementation

The server installation is simple. First you must activate the IIS from the control panel of the operating system, copy the application to a directory, and create the database using the scripts that accompany the program. The server of E-Sniper can run with MySQL and SQLServer databases, these two database systems have free versions that can be downloaded to the manufacturer's website: MySQL and SQLServer 2012 Express
You can download the program by clicking this link: Download E-Sniper web server, in that other link you have a manual that will guide you throughout the installation process: Installation manual.
You can install multiple webcam on your computer, each in a different USB port. The application also supports WiFi Netwave IP cameras, so that multiple shooters can use the program simultaneously, each using a different webcam.

Configuring the shooting stands

Shooting stands configuration

The application has a module that allows administrators to create and configure different shooting stands. This configuration must be done locally in the web server computer, since the webcam controls appear only on the computer where they are installed.
From this module you can adjust the brightness and contrast of each camera using the adjustment card, and set and place them correctly so that the target is displayed on the devices used by the shooters.
Shooters will access these stands by entering the name you have assigned to them, and will not require any additional settings from their devices to set up the webcam, all configuration is carried out from the server.